What We Do.

Healthcare | Life Science | Informatics | Innovation | IP Services

Let us guide you towards a future defined by growth, innovation, and success.

Our clients range from startups, large companies, healthcare, bio-tech, universities, non-profits, law firms, inventors and venture capital firms.

Health and Scientific Informatics Services.

Our team stays abreast of the latest healthcare , public health and scientific informatics trends. We specialized in driving clinical innovations, and scientific research changes across industries.

Algorithmic and Computational Services.

With a strong background and publications in leading scientific journals, we excel at developing pipelining and secondary analysis, including data analytics across many sequencing and cell-based technologies across disease domains.

Intellectual Property and Patent Services.

We will protect your innovations and products. Evaluate and develop invention disclosure, and identify prospective licensees and negotiate the business terms of agreements that govern IP. We possesses extensive knowledge in molecular biology, gene therapy, virology, genetics, immunology, stem cell technology, pharmaceutical sciences, and animals and genomics studies.

Private Equity and Venture Capital Services.

Securing venture capital is a critical milestone for any startup and new ventures. Our PE/VC consulting service offers strong data analytics, storytelling, pitch deck creation, plus compelling due diligence that showcases your innovation’s potential and sets you up for investment success, and support the executive teams.

Digital Transformation and AI Services.

We have the digital and AI expertise to move your business forward. From acute IT needs to a long-term IT transformation, your demands for informatics strategies, new technology innovation, change management and program delivery – can be addresses with our know-how to move your business. We solves business, academic, healthcare, and government challenges.

Let us guide you towards a future defined by growth, innovation, and success.