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Healthcare & Life Sciences Digital Transformation.

We Are the Data Intelligence Partner to the Digital Economy.

Precoh provides a digital intelligence platform for phenotypic, claims, genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and other high-throughput data, for large-scale clinical, biomedical, solid tumor, and basic research initiatives.

As Informatics Advisors

We are scientifically focused on digital platforms to transform healthcare delivery and research to revolutionize the patient experience and care.

As Algorithm Engineers

We have the expertise to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve business, research, safety, quality, and data integrity.

As Digital Consultants

Our leadership team’s 15+ years of experience building and deploying data infrastructures makes us a trusted partner to the world’s leading technology companies.

As Technology Advisor

We have partnered and invested in the world’s best technologies, combined with our capabilities to facilitate your digital transformation.

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Current Issues – December 2021

Data is our destiny

Precoh focuses on algorithmic business transformation and platforms to solve healthcare and life sciences’ most challenging problems. The building and integration of intelligent data registries that flow with people, analytics, and computational capacity across health systems, life sciences, pharma, and laboratories, combined with our unique capabilities and ecosystem partnership, enable our clients to drive digital innovations across their industries.