A multi-disciplinary, scientific, and technology consulting company.

Precoh provides expert consulting services to the biotech, digital health, and life sciences sectors to accelerate research and innovation pipelines and establish efficient compliance with the terms of doing business and venture funding.

Precoh is a multi-disciplinary, scientific, and digital tech consulting company, that tackles audacious innovation challenges.

Scientific & Tech Consulting

We specialize in identifying and leveraging scientific and digital resources to accelerate research and innovations pipeline. 

Together, let’s accelerate your research and innovations for the next generation of devices, medicine, and therapeutics.

New Ventures Consulting

We provide custom strategies for establishing efficient scoping and inception of innovations in compliant with the terms of venture funding.


We have strong partnerships with the world’s top technology companies.


Precoh is on the list! For Lenovo’s best partner to work with.

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Improving health outcomes for all

About Precoh

Precoh is a team of multi-disciplinary scientists, digital health, and business advisers tackling audacious challenges to assist both early-stage and established companies in accelerating their innovations for the next generation of devices, medicine, and therapeutics care to improve human health and lives.

Strategic Focus: Improving Health Conditions and Lives.