A consulting firm in venture discovery, innovation, and design, collaborating with innovative leaders and visionary entrepreneurs. We utilize creativity, strategy, and design methodology to foster innovations and drive compliance within the parameters of venture funding.

Together, we forge a regenerative business model, committed to sustainability and the enhancement of human health and well-being. Partner with us!

Therapeutic and Diagnostics Venture Advisors

We specialize in identifying and leveraging early-stage scientific and digital health resources to accelerate research and innovations pipelines. 

We’ll boost your research and innovations, advancing the development of cutting-edge devices, medicine, and therapeutics for the future. We are shaping tomorrow’s better health landscape.

Digital Health and Computation Venture Advisors

We provide custom strategies for establishing efficient scoping and inception of innovations in compliant with the terms of venture funding.

Together, we’ll build a healthier tomorrow.

Together, we’ll build a healthier tomorrow.

Precoh is a team of multi-disciplinary scientists, digital health, and business advisers tackling audacious challenges to assist both early-stage and established companies in accelerating their innovations for the next generation of devices, medicine, and therapeutics care to improve human health and lives.

Strategic Focus: Improving Health Conditions and Lives.