Science: Understand The Disease

Our work start by understanding the underline molecular science of the disease.

Precoh™ // – Having knowledge and insights in advance of its occurrence.

Science: Understand The Disease

We have developed new scientific methods of understanding disease biology, including the use of multi-omics and single-cell analysis.

Despite advances in novel therapeutics, many patients faced poor and unfavorable responses to treatment administration.

we are solving challenges in patient care and disease management. 

Understand Disease Mechanism

Understanding the defects in molecular and cellular processes that constitute the initiation and progression.

Engineering Computational Methods

Significantly inform personalized therapeutic strategies and clinical treatment decision-making.

About Precoh

Precoh provides healthcare and scientific informatics services focused on building and integrating intelligent computational methods to successfully be applied to understand disease initiation and

Precoh is a team of multi-disciplinary people. We are tackling audacious challenges to enable health insights to identify patients in advance with poor and unfavorable responses before treatments.

Our Approach: Building and integrating computational methods to successfully understand disease initiation and progression through the integration of phenotypic, genomic, and epigenomic data.

Strategic Focus: Improving Health Conditions and Lives