Approach: Understand Disease Mechanism

Understanding the defects in molecular and cellular processes that constitute the initiation and progressions.

Approach: Understand Disease Mechanism

Tacking challenges to improve lives by developing insights to identify patients in advanced with poor and unfavorable responses before treatment administration.

using individual signatures to identify treatment-response biomarkers for disease.

Engineering Computation Methods

Significantly inform personalized therapeutic strategies and clinical treatment decision-making.

Understand The Disease

Understanding the science behind the illness of the disease. 

About Precoh

Precoh is a team of multi-disciplinary people. We are tackling audacious challenges to enable health insights to identify patients in advance with poor and unfavorable responses before treatments.

Our Approach: Building and integrating computational methods to successfully understand disease initiation and progression through the integration of phenotypic, genomic, and epigenomic data.

Strategic Focus: Improving Health Conditions and Lives